Ball Back Extension

Ball Back Extension

This exercise will help to strengthen the muscles of the lower back.

Start/Finish Position

Mid point

 Ball Back Extention Start Finish  Ball Back Extention Mid Point

Muscles Activated

Primary Muscle

Secondary Muscles

Erector spinae


Gluteal muscles





  1. Lie on your front on a Swiss Ball with your legs over shoulder width apart (placing your feet against a wall may help with balance).

  1. Have the ball situated at the belly button

  2. Lean over the ball and place your hands onto your temples

  3. Then contract your back muscles and move your head, shoulders and chest away (upwards) from the ball. Breathe in as you do this.

  1. Rise until your neck, spine, and upper legs are in alignment.

  1. Hold for 3 seconds and then lower yourself back onto the ball Breathe out as you do this.

  1. Then repeat for the correct number of repetitions.

Where to feel the exercise

On the lower part of the back.
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