Local Bootcamps

Enjoy a free trial week on us. Just get in touch and arrange your start session.

What it is?

  • Group training sessions outdoors using the environment for training local to you.
  • Feel invigorated, have fun and friendly training sessions with other like minded individuals.
  • Perfect for those who hate working out indoors and love outdoor training.

Who’s it for?

  • Nice and simple this one it’s aimed at you and your friends who would like to work out and gain fitness in a fun and outdoor way.
  • Kids in pushchairs and car seats welcome.

What happens?

  • After signing up for £120 for 20 sessions you’re welcome to come along to our training sessions in Burgess Hill.
  • Spaces are limited to provide you all with a great training sessions so there are only 20 spaces available per workout so pre-booking on the sign up page is vital.
  • Just like a normal training sessions we will warm you up, then give you a great workout based (using a whole host of exercises) on your fitness level and then cool you down at the end.
  • In the 45 minute workouts you could be using the environment as exercise equipment, or more normal pieces of equipment e.g. kettle bells, resistance bands and boxing gloves.
  • You can work out as hard or as easy as you wish as each exercise will have a range of ‘levels’ for your current fitness levels.
  • We suggest you turn up a few minutes early on your first session to introduce yourself to your trainer and they can run through with you the layout of the session.

  • Number of Sessions

Fill out the complimentary enquiry consultation form now (on the right). You’re never under any obligation to buy anything. But let’s at least talk about how we can get you moving toward the new you.

Where is it and at what time?

  • The MBF Bootcamps are run currently in one location at Burgess Hill.

Burgess Hill Bootcamp

  • MBF Bootcamp is at Worlds End Recreation Ground, Janes Lane, Burgess Hill RH15 0QP, on Monday and Wednesday morning at 7:00am to 7:45am
  • Kids in pushchairs and car seats welcome.