Can’t cut the calories anymore?

Did you know that as a society we are consuming fewer calories than 50 years ago, how-ever our waist lines continue to expand writes Dan Bennett from MBF Personal Training. How has this come about and more importantly what can we do about it to help to improve our health and reduce those expanding waist lines?

The answer to this question is that we as a society have been reducing our levels of activity and this has caused us to still be consuming more calories than we are expending. If you are not eating too much but still increasing in weight I suggest you should be looking at your energy expenditure and how you can fit into your lifestyle greater activity.

This could be

  • ·          Start walking everyday building up from 5 minutes to 45 minutes
  • ·          Walking the kids to school instead of driving
  • ·          Doing more of your shopping on foot
  • ·          Offer to take your neighbours dog for a walk around the local woods
  • ·          Do the house work ‘at speed’
  • ·          Two 45 minute power walks a day
  • ·          Take an exercise class
  • ·          Head to the gym and get a new programme to follow

Remember that you are not only improving your well being and health but could also educating your children (no matter how old) how to lead a healthier life.

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