Concepts of what to choose

Eating out can be a great pleasure. It can be relaxing and enjoyable with the added advantage that the shopping, preperation, cooking and clearing up are all done for you. You may eat out because it’s a special occasion or just because you ahve no ffod available at home. However, in many restaurants and take aways is often too high in fat and too low in carbohydrates for your nutirtional needs. One in a while this is OK but if you eat out reguarly then you must try to be more careful. Some descriptions infer a healthier choice, but be careful of such descriptions as ‘salad bar’ and ‘for slimmers’.

Eating out and eating on the move can be difficult. Remember that you are the customer and can often request changes in the way the food is cooked and served. This is obviously more difficult in the fast food chain restaurants with a standard menu.


In the Burger Bar– Order a plain grilled burger. Ask for an extra bread bun. Milk shakes are generally a god choice since they are relatively high in CHO and low in fat; milk is often semi-skimmed.

In the ‘Chippy’– Generally the chips are larger and lower in fat than French fries. Avoid eating lots of batter and batter bits – just eat the fish inside. Order mushy peas if they are available.

In the Pizza House– Order deep pan and ‘go easy on the cheese’. Ask for extra low fat toppings such as mushrooms, peppers, onions and sweetcorn.

In the Kebab House– Avoid doner kebabs. Opt for shish kebabs and eatmore pitta bread and salad.

In the Jacket Potato Place- Jacket potatoes are always a great choice. Fill with cottage cheeze, baked beans, tuna and sweetcorn and as many other salad items as you desire.

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