Eating out – On the move


In the Pub & Wine Bar

As with any other restaurant, many dishes are too high in fat and too low in carbohydrate. It is always the balance of the meal that counts.

    • Ploughmans – eat more berad and less cheese. Extra butter ins unnecessary. Choose one with the lower fat cheese or very strong Cheddar. Brie and Camembert contain less fat weight for compared to Cheddar, but you are likely to eat less of a strong flavoured cheese.
    • Soup- choose a minestrone or clear vegetable soup in preference to a ‘creamed’ soup. eat with los of extra bread.
    • Sandwiches – ask for sandwiches to be made up with less or no butter, margarine or added mayonnaise. Choose extra fillings that ‘dampen’ the bread e.g. cucumber, tomato.
    • Jacket potatoes – ask for these to beserved with the butter seperately and then you can add your own small amount if you want. Choose low fat fillings
    • Avoid chips and French fries – ask for extra unbuttered boiled potatoes and vegetables on the main course meals.
    • Avoid pastry dishes e.g. pies, pasties. Choose potato, rice and pasta dishes instead, but take care with fillings and toppings.
    • Choose plain grilled food – meat, fish rather than those cooked in sauces.
    • Quiche may have an healthy image but it is generally a high fat choice
  • Many pates are high in fat and better avoided on a regular basis.
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