Exercise of the Week: Swiss ball Press Up

Ball Press Up

This exercise will help to strengthen the chest muscles, rear of arms, core muscles of the abdomen and back.

Start/Finish Position

Mid point

Med Ball Press Up 1 Med Ball Press Up 1

Muscles Activated

Primary Muscle

Secondary Muscles

Transverse abdominalis


Rectus abdominalis

Triceps Brachii


Pectoral Major


Pectoral Minor


Erector Spinae



  1. Kneel behind the ball then roll yourself onto the ball to a position where your upper thighs are on the ball and your torso is supported by your arms and hands (shoulder width apart under your shoulders). Your knees should be bent and your ankles crossed.

  1. Ensure that your lower stomach is activated (contracted) and that your neck, spine and pelvis are all in alignment (in a straight line).

  2. Lower your torso towards the floor by bending at the elbows breathing in as you lower yourself. Ensure you do not allow your head to dip.

  3. Then once you have reached the floor push yourself back up to the start position. Breathe out as you do this.

  4. Then repeat for the prescribed number of reps

Where to feel the exercise

On the arms, chest, torso and lower back.

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