More eating out on the Move


In the Sports and Leisure Centre.

Most centres offer a cafe or snack bar and vending machines. Items on offer in the cafe and snack bar are variable – many centres employ outside caterers to run thier facilities. Cost is a major priority. The foods served do not always reflect the goals of the healthy training diet. vending machines are usually packed full of snack foods high in fand and/or sugar. Inspect the foods on offer in thevenues you frequent and make your decision. It may be wsier and less expensive to take your own.

In the Steak House.

Choose plain melon or soup (not creamed) to start and select a whole meal roll. Order lean grilled meat or fish. Opt for a plain jacket potato in preference to fries and ask for your salad dressing to be served on the side. many pffer a salad bar so you can make your own choices.

In the Road Side Cafe

It is probably teven more difficult to make healthy food choices here than in the pub. Most are too high in fat. Ask for extra unbuttered bread with meals. Pancakes and sandwiches with lean and lower fat fillings are better options.

At the Salad Bar

Many items are to high in fat. The potato salad, coleslaw and other creamy looking dishes are full of high fat mayonnaise and croutons are fried. Avoid as much of the mayonnaise and added sauces e.g. thousand island, blue cheese as possible.

At the Buffet table

The options available are immense. many buffet items are often high in fat e.g. pastries, chicken goujons, sausage rolls, sausages, cheese canapes, vol au vents and the rest. Even the sandwiches may not be the best bet if they are laden with butter, margarine and mayonnaise. make your choices but then aviod the rest of the table!


Not all desserts are bad! Try to choose those lower in fat. avoid fresh cream gateaux and other very creamy deserts e.g. icecream, tiramisu, creamed rice, mousse, etc. Choose those based on fruits and meringes e.g. fresh fruit salad, summer pudding, fruit sorbet. Aviod adding extra cream. Ask for plain low fat yougurt or low fat fromage frais if available.

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