It’s January. We’re all “busy”

But I want to issue you a challenge right now. That challenge is simply this…commit to your health and well-being for a year by getting (and staying!) focused about your diet and level of activity.

Stop being inactive.

Think and plan ahead about your future health.

Being active NOW will really pay off as you age, you know its true so its now time to act.

Did you catch the report on the BBC just yesterday? It was saying how inactivity kills more than obesity. The Cambridge University Study showed that just 20 minutes of walking/activity a day can provide substantial benefits.

You simply have to do more. I want you to come along to my Evolve Bootcamp improve your health, well-being, fitness and longevity of your life.

And a critical part of the plan involves your commitment to attend.

It’s the place where you’ll find:

–   Six outdoor workouts throughout the week where you will perform a variety of exercises to improve your cardiovascular and muscular strength.

–   Improve your knowledge about how to maintain a healthy diet with cookbooks, recipes and a meal plan.

–      Regular fitness assessments to help keep you on track for your goals.

–     Supply of one months supplements to kick start your improving health and well-being.

–     Time spent having fun and building relationships with friends that support you and your goals while you’re helping them to grow too.

I have complete confidence that you’ll get signed up, but why not do it now and start improving your well-being and health.?

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