Paired Personal Training


Our paired personal training sessions are for you and your friend, if you wish to work out with your partner or a friend sharing the experience and cost this plan is perfect for you both.

Just like the one to one training sessions you can chose yourself a time and in a location you’re comfortable with. Your home, garden, pool, local park or gym are all possibilities.

You and your friend may be cynical over the last few diets you’ve tried, about the results you’ve both had when at the gym and self-conscious about working out in them. Allowing you both to do something for yourselves, helping you both achieve your goals and being guided by our fully qualified personal trainers. Your training session will make you feel included in your own personal development at home where you can take control of your lifestyle and change the way you perceive health well being & sport.

A testimonial from two of our satisfied clients are

“Dan’s “Use It and Lose It” programme has been a tremendous success for us – we are now much fitter and healthier and within 7 months had achieved a combined weight loss of almost 5 stone.”

Our motivating and friendly trainers have many years of personal training, sports coaching and life style change experience and ideas to help you progress towards your goal. They will take you through the correct techniques for a safe, easy to use, flowing, well thought out training plan.

Built up through over 18 years experience of training clients in the local area. Please feel free to read our testimonials from our past clients on the testimonial page.

Our past clients are just like you, in need of some advice how to improve themselves to achieve their goal, whether those goals being a weight management, sports training, rehabilitation or just pure enjoyment. They have enjoyed the training plans and the interaction with their personal trainer and this has improved their self confidence and then their health and well-being.

Your training plan will be designed around your goals and will be modified when needed to nudge you along to achieving your wish of a healthier lifestyle and increased health, well being and alleviate boredom,

If you want to achieve better health and fitness, you have to be committed to living a healthier lifestyle. If you’re not doing that, you have to be motivated to change the behaviors holding you back. If you’re ready, we’re here.


Whats In Your Plane

Individualised Fitness Programme based Around Your Goals

Fitness Assessment Every 4 To 6 weeks

Personalised Nutrition Plan

Unlimited Use Of The MBF Evolve Bootcamp Worth £2067 A Year.

Supplement Programme

Client Support Programme

100% Money Back Guarantee


Fill out the complimentary enquiry consultation form now (top right). You’re never under any obligation to buy anything. But let’s at least talk about how we can get you moving toward the new you.

Invest in yourself. Build a healthier future.

What do I do next?

  • Contact us to book in for your free consultation at a convenient time
  • You have a 45 minute consultation where we discuss what you would like and how we can help you.
  • We book your first session.
  • We then design your plan based upon your goals.
  • You start changing your lifestyle in your first training session.