Andrew Williams, Brighton

1. What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program? I had always been physically active but but with the time pressures of having young children and a full time job I found that my weight had ballooned and I was extremely unfit. This spiraled into more unhealthy eating\drinking as exercise was less enjoyable and therefore avoided. Work was stressful and I was not getting the release through physical activity that I was used to. Also my children were getting older and I was having difficulty keeping up with them with activities that we all enjoyed – cycling, badminton, cricket etc. Something had to be done! 2. What results have you achieved since starting your program? My goals were to lose a significant amount of weight, to improve my enjoyment of sport again (particularly cycling ) and to stress bust. All of these were achieved through working with Dan. I managed to lose nearly 5 stone in weight and everything else fell in to place. 3. What do you like best about our program/ having a trainer? I never thought that using a personal trainer would work for me however I found that it provided the motivation and continuity to achieve what I set out to do. The regular contact and sessions kept me focused on my end goal. Also, having played sport for most of life and suffering the inevitable injuries associated with that, I found Dan’s knowledge and support with the various niggles\re-occurences extremely helpful. Dan’s help with nutrition and eating habits were also a vital part of the programme for me. I enjoyed the variety in the sessions and the week to week flexibility of working on different elements of my fitness. 4. What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program? Try it. I would not have achieved my weight loss and fitness improvement without Dan and the MBF Personal Training sessions. If you really want to do the same and, particularly if like me you had been saying for years ‘ I really need to lose weight and get fit’ then give it a go.

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