Claire Heath

I started training with Dan just over 2 months ago. I wanted to lose around a stone before a holiday in September, to tone up and generally improve my eating habits. I always ate quite healthily but had a tendency to binge on sugar and a lack of willpower to give this up! Over the last two months Dan has been a constant daily support, and giving me encouragement along the way. Dan has “nagged” me in the nicest possible way each day to remind me I don’t actually need these sugary things in my diet and has given me tips along the way in terms of having different snacks during these moments of weakness! I have to date lost around 8 pounds, so whilst I haven’t achieved my desired target as yet, I remain positive that Dan can help me achieve that soon. I have trained with Dan twice per week at home and each time the sessions are varied and tailored to my needs. I had a knee injury following a charity challenge and Dan worked around this in the training session. Dan is always cheerful and has a great sense of humour. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dan as a personal trainer / nutrition coach to anyone, particularly for anyone that has a willpower problem and needs constant reminding of the goal, like me!

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