Join Our Bootcamp In Burgess Hill

We hold two bootcamps in Burgess Hill at 7am on a Monday and Wednesday morning at 7am. Costing £120 for 20 sessions you can use them as and when you’re free.

Enjoy a free trial week on us. Just get in touch and arrange your start session.

Our outdoor bootcamps we have a maximum of 20 participants at each session. We would love to see you join us and start your own personal fitness journey following our well thought out exercise and nutritional program.

Attendee Sophie says ‘If you are in two minds if this is for you I’d say go for it. The money it costs is nothing compared to how great you will feel. It’s literally changed my life and I’m not the couch potato I used to be. I never thought in a million years I’d ever be slim. I honestly could not have done it any other way.’

Number of Sessions

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Burgess Hill Outdoor Bootcamp

  • MBF Bootcamp is at Worlds End Recreation Ground, Janes Lane, Burgess Hill RH15 0QP, on Monday and Wednesday morning at 7:00am to 7:45am
  • Toilets, showers and changing rooms available.
  • Kids in pushchairs and car seats welcome.