Mark and Michelle Briffa

Dan Bennett at MBF Fitness has been providing us with personal training on a weekly basis now since February 2009. Dan’s “Use It and Lose It” programme has been a tremendous success for us – we are now much fitter and healthier and within 7 months had achieved a combined weight loss of almost 5 stone. Our goal was mainly to lose weight. Dan’s expert advice and guidance has helped make this happen but he has also completely re-educated us with regard to nutrition, weight loss and maintenance and exercise and fitness. The programme is very thorough and, as two people who thought we were relatively healthy and knew what we were eating, it has opened our eyes and provided us with the knowledge which now makes us think completely differently about the way we eat and our whole approach to our diet and exercise. Dan is a brilliant coach and quickly gets to know his clients and what makes them tick. He is very motivational and has the rare talent in being able to very quickly adapt his approach to get the best from individuals. Training as a couple, our needs and motivational levels have sometimes been very different, but Dan has tackled this successfully each week and is expert at being challenging, motivating and understanding all at the same time. The workout programmes are well designed and you soon begin to see the results. Dan also ensures they are adapted regularly to fit with changing fitness levels, goals and interests. With his support and encouragement we took up running and have gone from being complete beginners to having just run our first 10K race, both finishing in good time. Dan has changed our lives for the better and we would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone who wants to achieve a healthier, fitter lifestyle.

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